As a First-Generation or Minority Student...

As a first-generation or minority student, our experiences and challenges are different; we are bicultural, multiracial, and encounter the glass ceiling, lack of mentorship, and the opportunity gap. Aspira Consulting provides culturally relevant career readiness programs to help first-generation and minority students embrace their journey, value their identity, and create a powerful career narrative. As a first-generation professional, Oscar Garcia has successfully overcome career pitfalls, blended his professional and bicultural identity, and today empowers others, so opportunities come to them.

Career Readiness Program

Program Description

Our 5-week culturally relevant Career Readiness Program provides first-gen and minority students with relatable real-life examples, tools, and techniques to succeed in their career development.

Program Topics

  • How to Tell Your First-Generation STory to Get Hired
  • Turning Adversity into Positive Career Traits
  • Demystifying Networking
  • How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • How to Successfully Interview Virtually

Key Lessons

  • How to reframe your personal journey into a powerful career narrative
  • Turn adversity into positive career traits
  • Leverage cultural wealth to build social capital
  • Value your identity to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Learn to market yourself to employers

Career Readiness Academy

Academy Description

Our culturally relevant Career Readiness Academy is a comprehensive 10-week program that provides students with a holistic career preparation.  Our program teaches students how to embrace their personal journey and leverage their cultural wealth to develop a career strategy and techniques to attract job opportunities.

Key Lessons

  • Reframe your personal journey into a relatable career narrative
  • Create and promote your career portfolio
  • Build your professional brand
  • How to create a first-generation LinkedIn profile
  • Career Networking
  • Create a targeted resume
  • Communication etiquette
  • Effective and efficient job search techniques

Oscar's ability to navigate the various learning styles of students in the sessions is amazing as he ensured that the material helpful and applicable to the students' needs and that they were understanding the content.

Jennifer Merchant Director of Career Technical Education at Fullerton College

Working with Oscar is truly a pleasure. He conducted a series of trainings for staff and a series of workshops for community college students. He provided our staff with tips and tools to help students network and navigate LinkedIn.

Ashley Phillips Director of Career Education, College of San Mateo

Oscar is an excellent presenter who combines wisdom, humor, and authenticity into his training. He appeals to an audience that includes multiple generations and career levels. What I appreciated most is that he provided specific to-do items that help students and alumni move forward with their career development and along their job search paths.

Kathyy Battee-Freeman Director of Career Development Center, University of Illinois Springfield

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